COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services

COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services

We know there are continued concerns about the spread of COVID-19 (the new coronavirus) and how it may impact our campuses. Ensuring our residents and team members are in a safe and healthy environment is our top priority. As part of our continued efforts to protect the health and well-being of our residents we are implementing a new precautionary measure at our Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing campuses, effective immediately.

Personal deliveries to our campuses are restricted until May 1st. Please do not drop off deliveries at the campus. Any packages that are received via mail will be set aside for 48 hours, prior to delivering to the resident.

Please know, we will stay up to date with the federal government’s recommendations as they may continue to change. In addition, Nye Health Services is in close contact with the local and state health department and are following their guidance. We understand that these changes can be stressful to both our residents and their family members. Thank you for your patience and understanding of our efforts to combat this new virus and protect the health well-being of our residents. We need your help; it will take all of us to make this a success!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the campus directly. We also have an email account dedicated to COVID-19 questions, covid@nyehealthservices.com. You can also follow us on Facebook.

COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services

COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services CEO, Russ Peterson

This time of COVID-19 has been a burden on everyone.  It is so important that we all abide by health care recommendations from federal, state and local health agencies to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus.  We appreciate your support and patience as we work hard to protect our residents and our team members.  Experts predict that the peak will occur in about a month and start to subside, so we are hopeful that restrictions will reduce in the near future, we will keep you informed.  In the abundance of caution and at the strong recommendation of federal and state experts we are implementing three new changes at our campuses, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

  1. We will be providing dining in the resident’s rooms and will no longer have residents gather together to eat meals or snacks.  This will require some adjustments in timing of meals and staff assistance, but our campus teams are on it and want to ensure that residents have a pleasant and nutritious dining experience.
  2. We will be providing all life enrichment and activities on an individual basis and will no longer have residents gather together to participate in group activities.  We are focused on the quality of life of our residents and will be monitoring their needs and wishes as we move forward.
  3. All team members will be wearing surgical masks when working.  The wearing of masks is recommended for healthcare workers to minimize the potential spread of the virus by team members.

Again, we appreciate your understanding of our efforts, but if you have any concerns for your loved one, we encourage you to reach out to the campus to discuss.  Also, we have an email account dedicated to COVID-19 questions, covid@nyehealthservices.com.  You can also follow us on Facebook.

COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services

COVID-19 Update on Precautionary Measures & Supply Shortages

With the recent increase in positive COVID-19 cases and reports of cases within both skilled nursing & assisted living campuses; we wanted to provide you with an update of the current precautionary measures we are taking.

As you know, we unfortunately had to restrict access onto our campuses to any non-essential individuals except for certain compassionate situations, such as end-of-life. We do not know how long those restrictions will have to stay in place. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), our national regulatory agency is now requiring that nursing facilities restrict all non-essential access and recommending that we restrict access on assisted living campuses as well. Because our independent campuses exist on campuses with attached nursing facility or assisted living areas, we extended the access restrictions to the independent areas to try and minimize any cross exposure and protect our residents. We realize that these restrictions are hard on you and also on your loved ones who live on our campuses. Our teams are creatively working to make life fun and enjoyable to the best of our abilities. We have also purchased additional iPads for the campuses to allow our residents to more easily connect with you.

Any team members or essential visitors who are coming onto the campus are assessed for infection risk. Also, all residents are more closely being assessed to identify those who may begin to show symptoms. We are taking new admissions but screening any new residents prior to bringing them onto the campus.

As stated in previous communication, we are following protocols for infection control and protective equipment according to guidance from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our local and state agencies. If the virus finds its way onto our campuses, we have developed additional procedures to decrease the spread of the virus. Adhering to strict quality, safety and infection control prevention protocols is the best way to increase the safety of our residents and team members.

Questions have been raised about the potential of supply shortages (e.g. masks, gowns and gloves) across the country. We have enough protective supplies for the near future but are concerned about supplies if a large outbreak should occur. We currently have enough on hand to respond to typical flu-like outbreaks but want to be prepared if COVID-19 creates an unusual demand. We are working hard to obtain additional personal protective supplies such as masks, gowns and gloves beyond our normal inventory. We have also appreciated the community donations of extra surgical masks, N95 masks, eye protection and disposable gloves and gowns.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience as we work through these times. If ever you have questions, please contact the campus.

From Nye Health Services CEO, Russ Peterson:

COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services

COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services VP of Operations, Kristin Harris

As many of you are aware our campuses have responded quickly to COVID-19. We’ve put in place many precautionary measures to support the health and well-being of our residents and team members. Current measures include but are not limited to:
  • Restricting visitors to our campus
  • Limiting appointments to those that are of medical necessity
  • Daily screening of all those who enter our building, including our team members
  • Limiting group activities to no more than 10 people at a time
  • Providing increased space between individuals during meal times and during small group activities to support current social distancing guidelines.
In an abundance of precaution, we have also implemented daily screening of our residents.The impact of this has not been taken lightly and we appreciate the patience and understanding of not only our residents and our team but their family members as well. It is in times like these that you see the best in others and we have certainly noticed this at each of our campuses.
“I want to sincerely say thank you to our team members for the sacrifices you are making and to our family members that are not able to come and visit on our campuses but are finding creative alternatives to staying connected to our residents. We appreciate you, thank you.”

COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services

COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services CEO, Russ Peterson

It has been an unprecedented several weeks in our country surrounding the COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic. Nye Health Services and our campus leadership teams have been aggressively working, putting in place protocols and procedures to minimize the exposure of the virus. Our team members’ professionalism, passion, commitment and countless hours have been so impactful in the development and implementation of our emergency response plan. Our top priority is to protect the health of our residents to the best of our ability.

Last Saturday, March 7th, due to the community exposure in Fremont, Nebraska, by a person who subsequently tested positive, we restricted access onto our Fremont campuses by visitors, family members and non-essential individuals, except for certain compassionate situations, such as end-of-life. On Tuesday, March 10th, we implemented those restrictions on all of our 7 campuses. We did this proactive action out of an abundance caution. At the present time we have no known cases of the virus on our campuses. These procedures were required this past Friday, March12th by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for all nursing facilities nation-wide.

Our hope is that we can minimize exposure to the virus, but realize with the infectious nature of this virus and the current lack of adequate national testing resources that it likely will find its way onto our campuses, even with the best infection control protocols.

I also want to assure the public that we continue to serve our communities. We are taking admissions and providing in-patient and out-patient therapy. And despite the limitations we face, our team members are innovatively providing small group and individual social activities for our residents and engaging them in things that are so important to make our campuses a home-like environment.

If you have questions, I encourage you to contact the campus. You can also check our Facebook and website for additional information.

I also want to thank and express my understanding to the family members and visitors who have loved ones on our campuses. I know this is a difficult time for you, but these procedures are so essential. We appreciate you working with us to protect our residents.

We will keep you informed as information changes.


COVID-19 Update from Nye Health Services

Nye Health Services Restricts Visitor Access on All Campuses

Press Release For Immediate Release

Nye Health Services initiated a restriction beginning last Saturday for visitors, vendors and the public on all of their campuses out of precaution due to the community exposure to COVID-19.

Mr. Russ Peterson, CEO of Nye Health Services, said, “This decision was made proactively to attempt to limit potential exposure to the older adults who live on our campuses. While there are no known diagnosed or suspected cases of the virus on our campuses at the present time, we have been notified by the CDC that the elderly population, especially those with at-risk medical complications are the most vulnerable to the virus. The protection of the elderly we serve, and our team members is our utmost concern. We are working with our Medical Directors on our campuses, local health departments and local hospitals to evaluate and determine the best process going forward to minimize the exposure of the virus.”

No decision has been made on how long the visitor restrictions will stay in affect. We are reviewing this decision on a day-by-day basis but anticipate it will last at least 14 days. We realize that this limitation creates challenges for loved ones wanting to visit family members and we will work diligently to respond to our resident’s needs. If family members have questions or concerns, we ask them to reach out to the campus Executive Director.

Nye Health Services is a senior housing and healthcare company with seven campuses. Nye Legacy, a skilled rehabilitation campus; Nye Pointe, a skilled rehabilitation campus; and Nye Square, a senior independent and assisted living campus; all located in Fremont, Nebraska. Regency Square, a skilled rehabilitation campus in South Sioux City, Nebraska. The Meadows, an assisted living and independent living campus located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Gateway Manor, a skilled rehabilitation, assisted living and independent living campus in Lincoln, Nebraska. Legacy Lodge an assisted living and independent living campus in Jackson, Wyoming.

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