Good News In The Midst Of COVID-19 From Russ Peterson, CEO Of Nye Health Services

I want to share some good news about the response to COVID-19. This virus has turned our world upside down and much of the news coverage is negative, depressing and frightening. Health care workers on nursing facility and assisted living campuses have been asked to shoulder the responsibility to protect the most vulnerable, our elderly.

You are the unsung heroes in this fight, who come to work every day because you are passionate about protecting our residents. You leave your families at home, don your masks, get your temperatures taken, and go into battle armed with a bottle of sanitizer. You are willing to have swabs shoved up your noses every week or more. You do this because you care about our residents while also quietly hoping that you will not be the person who accidentally brings the virus on campus. You deserve to have a light shown on you to celebrate your hard work.

You make a difference and significantly impact the lives of our elders. You improvise to bring joy and laughter to our residents who have not hugged family and friends for many months, you cry with residents and families when illness and death occurs, and you remain committed to protecting yourselves and your family when you are off work so as to not contract the virus. You are warriors, fighting this battle for over 6 months with no near end in sight. An average person does not take on this kind of work, this requires a special person who is strong and committed. I am humbled by your valiant efforts every day.

COVID 19 is an insidious virus that can find its way onto any campus through individuals who are positive but asymptomatic and may be on a campus before the next round of testing occurs. You have been successful at minimizing COVID occurring on our campuses and aggressive at managing it when it occasionally has occurred. In those rare occurrences, I have seen the spirits of our team members sink when a person is diagnosed with COVID, but your resilience to rise to the occasion is awe-inspiring. “We’ve got this,” “COVID is not going to get the better of us,” are rallying cries I hear as you bravely face each day.

This is heroic work, this is honorable work, this is impactful work, this is stressful work. I want to personally thank you for your on-going dedication to this calling. You are good news in the midst of this devastating virus.

Russ Peterson
Nye Health Services