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Aquatic Physical Therapy Programs

Aquatic Therapy is a treatment program performed in water for physical rehabilitation, wellness and other therapeutic benefits.

Rehab can be gentler and more comfortable in our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool. A relaxing warm water workout lets you move easier and heal faster. Often combined with other therapies.

Aquatic therapy is available in Fremont, NE at Nye Legacy.

We’d like to show you around our hydrotherapy facility and discuss your treatment options. Call or send us a message for a tour today.

Nye Legacy
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“I needed something to help manage my pain. Exercising in the warm water has increased my flexibility and reduced my pain. I highly recommend aquatic therapy!”

— Resident

Aquatic Therapy Locations

Award Winning Aquatic Therapy

We’re proud to show you around our community. We’d love to visit with you. Take a moment and experience the Nye Health Services difference.


What temperature is the water kept at?

Our aquatic therapy pool is kept at a very comfortable 94-96 degrees temperature.

What are some of the benefits of receiving my therapy in the water vs traditional methods?

The water’s natural buoyancy removes the stress and pressure off your muscles and joints while completing your therapeutic exercises. Immersing in warm water also raises your body temperature and relaxes your muscles. Aquatic therapy programs can benefit individuals with fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, post-polio syndrome and many others.

What should I wear to my aquatic therapy sessions?

A comfortable bathing suit or swim trunks are recommended as well as non-skid water shoes.  

What is provided at the campus for use with aquatic therapy?

You will have access to a dressing room with a shower, lockers to store your belongings, and towels.

Are there any pre-surgical benefits to aquatic therapy?

Strengthening the muscles prior to surgery is proven to reduce the recovery time following surgery.  Receiving treatment from licensed physical and occupational therapists specializing in aquatic therapy, partnered with the underwater treadmill and buoyancy of the water creates an opportunity for muscle strengthening and improved rehabilitation outcomes.


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