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6 Amazing Ways a Positive Attitude Improves Aging

“You don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”  –George Bernard Shaw  Study after study has shown the power of positive thinking, no more powerful than as we age. A glass-half-full attitude towards getting older leads to a longer and...

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6 Helpful New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean you don’t have things in life you want to achieve or improve. People who never stop learning and never stop achieving live longer and better.  So, this New Year, let’s think about some resolutions that would benefit many...

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6 Ways to Stay Connected This Holiday Season

6 WAYS TO STAY CONNECTED THIS HOLIDAY SEASON November 15, 2018 You’ve transitioned to an independent living community or an assisted living arrangement somewhere new. You still have your old friends and family, but maybe they’re no longer in your neighborhood.  Now...

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6 Ways a Continuum of Care Makes Winter Safer for Seniors

6 WAYS A CONTINUUM OF CARE MAKES WINTER SAFER FOR SENIORS October 11, 2018 Are the punishing winters turning you into a shut-in? Do the short days and long nights make you feel lonely and sad? What about shoveling your driveway or salting the sidewalk? Do you dread...

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6 Advantages of Short-Stay Rehabilitation

6 ADVANTAGES OF SHORT-STAY REHABILITATION September 25, 2018 Going directly home is not always the best option for people leaving the hospital after a surgery, illness or accident. Instead, short-stay rehabilitation programs provide the physical, occupational and...

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When You Should Bring Parents on an Assisted Living Visit

WHEN YOU SHOULD BRING PARENTS ON AN ASSISTED LIVING VISIT August 23, 2018 For more than one reason, moving one or both of your parents into an assisted living facility is never easy. On the one hand, you might very well have to convince Mom or Dad that they no longer...

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4 Life-Changing Health Benefits of Independent Living

4 LIFE-CHANGING HEALTH BENEFITS OF INDEPENDENT LIVING August 13, 2018 As people age, it’s important for them to stay connected socially. Being isolated from friends, family members and neighbors can lead to depression and other mental health issues. Studies have shown...

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Regency Square Earns 2018 Bronze National Quality Award

REGENCY SQUARE, EARNS 2018 BRONZE NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD August 2, 2018 South Sioux City, NE– Regency Square has been recognized as a 2018 recipient of the Bronze – Commitment to Quality Award for its commitment to improving the lives of residents through quality...

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Gateway Vista Earns 2018 Silver National Quality Award

7 CONSIDERATIONS FOR SELECTING HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS FOR SENIORS November 28, 2018 LINCOLN, NE – Gateway Vista, a Nye Health Services campus has been recognized as a 2018 Silver – Achievement in Quality Award recipient by the American Health Care Association and...

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Summer Heat Safety Tips for Seniors

SUMMER HEAT SAFETY TIPS FOR SENIORS June 25, 2018 Hot weather can be uncomfortable for people of all ages. For senior citizens, intense heat and stifling humidity have the potential to be downright dangerous. According the Environmental Protection Agency, since 1999,...

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5 Things You Should Know About Short Stay Rehabilitation

5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SHORT STAY REHABILITATION June 11, 2018 Short stay rehabilitation serves as a vital link between a stay in the hospital and a patient’s return to his or her place of residence. Services customized for each individual and provided by a...

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When Is it Time to Hire Home Care?

WHEN IS IT TIME TO HIRE HOME CARE? May 11, 2018 Many older adults live wonderful, healthy, and independent lives. At times, the natural aging process can cause unforeseen changes that affect their independent lifestyle. You may be noticing changes in your loved one's...

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4 Tips to Drive Safely as You Age

4 TIPS TO DRIVE SAFELY AS YOU AGE April 27, 2018 For many of us, driving our own car is a key aspect of maintaining our independence. Driving is how we stay connected, by seeing the people we want to see and getting to the places we want to go. But, as we age, it is...

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How to Choose a Senior Living Community

HOW TO CHOOSE A SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY March 29, 2018 Feeling at home is more than just the physical environment where we live, we want a sense of belonging - knowing we’re in the right place. We understand that selecting a senior living community can be a stressful...

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