Bringing up the idea that it may be time to consider assisted living to your parents may not be easy for you and your family. However, we’ve provided a list of ways to approach these conversations that can help make them more meaningful and productive.

Research Senior Care Options

In order to focus your research on locations that will best meet your parents’ needs, think about their current health and level of independence in order to determine whether assisted or independent living is most appropriate. Assisted living communities provide more consistent care and access to staff, while independent living simply eliminates the responsibilities of homeownership and will more closely resemble your parents’ current lifestyle. In addition, many communities offer specialized healthcare services, such as: 

  • physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • memory care
  • medication administration
  • personal care assistance
  • other specialized services that are tailored to meet individual needs


Involve Your Parent(s)

Involving your parents in your decision-making process shows them that their happiness during retirement is important to you. Be sure to ask them for their perspective and take their input to heart regarding:

  • how they feel about their health
  • what type of care they need
  • which community they prefer
  • what they would like to do with their home
  • what to do if they or their spouse experience sudden, serious health issues


Use Positive Phrasing and Tone

Using the right terminology can go a long way toward helping your parents develop a positive outlook on leaving their current home. “Assisted living facility” and similar phrasing can be off-putting, and Nye’s retirement communities prioritize creating a happy place for your parents to spend their senior years that is filled with amenities, fun things to do, and meaningful relationships with others in the community.

Although this discussion can be challenging for many families, using a respectable tone and setting up your conversation for two-way dialogue that respects your parents’ thoughts can help you peacefully and productively talk through the delicate decisions you need to make.



Consider Finances

Finances are a common concern among families considering assisted living options, but there are many ways to make assisted living more affordable. Begin by talking with your parents about their financial situation and what they have saved for retirement, as well as with one of our Senior Living Advisors to learn more about the costs of each retirement option you are considering. 


Involve Your Siblings and Loved Ones

Although you may feel tempted to make a decision yourself, it is usually best to involve your siblings and loved ones in the decision-making process. This approach helps to assure your parents that the people they care about want what’s best for them and are working together to find the best assisted living option available. Presenting unity and moral support throughout the process can make a significant difference in easing the transition to senior living for your parents. 


Explore and Tour Communities

Visiting the communities you are interested in is a must before making a final decision. If possible, tour communities with your parents and siblings in order to be sure that everyone is on the same page. Remember to focus on communities that offer a variety of options for specialized care that your parents may need, as well as the necessary amenities. You should also consider the travel distance from where the community is relative to family and friends in the area for future get-togethers and special events. 


Involve Your Parent’s Doctor

Although you won’t automatically have access to your parents’ health information because of HIPAA laws, which protect patients’ confidentiality, a parent can recommend that you and your siblings have access to this information in order to help them make decisions. Discussing your parents’ health and any concerns you may have with their doctor and asking for his or her recommendations is an important step in making an informed decision regarding assisted living.  

At Nye Health Services, our retirement communities provide amenities and services that will give your parents a safe and enjoyable place to spend their senior years. While we know that conversations about assisted living are rarely easy, we hope that taking advantage of these suggestions will make your family’s discussions less difficult.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how choosing one of our retirement communities can be the perfect match for your family or to schedule a tour of any of our locations!