If you’ve found yourself becoming frustrated with the challenges of maintaining your home lately then senior independent living may be an attractive option that can make your life a little easier. This type of living situation was designed while keeping the needs of older adults in mind and allowing them to live as independently as they want.


What Is Independent Living?

Senior independent living is a type of housing arrangement that was designed for adults over age 55 that do not yet require the extra services of assisted living, but are interested in a simpler living situation than their current homes.

At Nye Health Services, we offer private independent living residences in a variety of layouts that eliminate many of the challenges that you may be struggling with in your current home, such as yard work and other types of maintenance.


Benefits of Independent Living

Choosing Nye’s independent living residence allows you to be as independent as you want by bridging the gap between living in your current home and moving into an assisted living community. You can continue to live your current lifestyle in a private living space with a few perks to make your life easier, such as having a bit of extra help available whenever you need it and eliminating the burden of owning your own home.

Although continuing to live a mostly independent life for as long as you are able to is the main goal of many of our residents, we also offer a variety of extra services to eliminate many of the challenges of everyday living. Our team covers any repairs you may need, as well as every aspect of interior and exterior maintenance. We are also here to assist you with laundry, housekeeping, medication administration, and transportation if you need a little extra help. 

Continuing to live in a private living space is important to our residents, but we also offer a variety of social activities to help you build friendships with the other members of our community. Each of our campuses offer unique amenities that make it easy to safely spend time with other people, such as our coffee shop, ice cream shop, fitness facilities, small social distancing group exercise classes as well as social and recreational programs.

While current public health regulations are in effect that impact visitations to the surrounding restaurants, movie theaters, places to shop, and various outdoor recreational activities, each campus will be offering other unique sources of entertainment on-site.

Your health and safety are top priorities at Nye’s independent living communities. Each resident is equipped with an emergency call system that connects you to our nursing team at any time of day or night, and our secure building is staffed 24/7. We offer transportation to appointments and have certain types of in-home care available onsite if you need it, and we are paying close attention to local guidelines in order to keep our current activities and community spaces as safe as possible. 


Key Benefits Takeaway:

  • Residents can live their life privately and independently, without any of the burdens of home ownership
  • Independent living allows for the choice to receive as much or as little care desired
  • Each participating Nye community offers a wide variety of onsite amenities, activities and recreational programs
  • Every resident is equipped with an emergency call system that instantly connects with onsite nursing staff

Cost of Independent Living

The average cost of independent living varies depending on the state you live in, the amenities your residence offers, and the level of care you need.

It is important to look beyond the sticker price to make sure that the independent living community you are interested in offers everything you need, as a low cost option may not reflect the level of care that may be required.

Choosing independent living also means that many of the other expenses you are already paying for are covered, such as maintenance, meals, and medical care, which can make the residence you choose more affordable.

If you’re interested in choosing a new place to live that eliminates many of the challenges of your current home without sacrificing your lifestyle, look no further than Nye Health Services’s senior independent living options. Our caring staff members are always available to support you as much or as little as you want, and we offer the perfect combination of privacy and community activities.

Read our FAQs to learn more about whether independent living may be right for you or contact us today to speak with our team about what makes us a top choice among seniors in Nebraska and nearby states!


Key Costs Takeaway:

  • The cost of senior independent living depends on the state, amenities and level of care needed
  • Focus on the care that is needed first, then see what options fit within your budget
  • Nye community expenses are even more affordable when you consider the coverage of items that you’re already paying for such as meals, maintenance and medical care
  • Contact a Nye independent living representative to see what housing options are available in your area