October 24, 2018

Are you dreading the holidays because you’ve left your longtime home? Do you feel as if all your holiday traditions have become upended? 

It makes a big difference in your life. Part of our identities are tied up in those holiday traditions, often those that include family and friends. 

But you don’t have to give that all up when you move to a continuum-of-care community. Home is where the heart is, so get the people you love around you, wherever you are. Here are X tips to making that happen. 

1. Play Host Again 

Was your home the center of holiday activity for your family? Make your new place the center of activity again by inviting family to enjoy holiday meals and events hosted by the community onsite. Or, host your own gathering in your house, apartment, room or communal space. With family photos and holiday decorations, it will feel just like old times only in a new place. 

2. Create a New Tradition with New Friends 

Most senior living communities organize their own holiday parties and invite everyone on campus to attend. Often they organize daily holiday-themed events from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. These might include baking parties, nostalgic movie nights, gift-wrapping sessions, etc. If you don’t have family around to share in the holidays, what a great way to meet new friends and feel included in holiday traditions. Even better, when the facility throws the party, you don’t have to cook, host or clean. That is a welcome relief during stressful times. There is also a health and safety advantage to joining your neighbors at a facility party. You may not be physically equipped to host a party or travel to family, and your family may not be able to provide the level of care you need. 

3. Take Advantage of Provided Transportation to Family 

Your senior living community likely has an arrangement that will bring transportation off campus to your door. Taking advantage of that convenience can deliver you to your family to enjoy the holidays in their homes safely and quickly. Adult children with young children of their own sometimes stress about traveling to grandparents during the busy holiday season. Having grandparents travel to where the whole family is celebrating could be more convenient for everyone involved. 

4. Create an ‘Orphans’ Holiday’ 

Many seniors feel alone on the holidays, but in fact, this feeling of isolation is widespread among those who live by themselves. While you may not be prepared to travel or host, you can connect with other people who are feeling the same way you are and have your own Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve.   

The holidays are always a festive time at the seven communities in Eastern Nebraska and one in Wyoming affiliated with Nye Health Services, offering independent living to skilled nursing care. A family-owned company with a rich history of connecting with the people they serve, Nye Health Services is open for visits anytime. Call 402-753-1400 to make an appointment at a location in Fremont, Lincoln, South Sioux City, Norfolk, or Jackson Hole, or visit NyeHealthServices.com for more information. Happy holidays!