Christmas is in the air at Nye Health Services, and although some of your favorite traditions might be a little different this holiday season, the fun of choosing meaningful gifts will never change. Deciding on the perfect gift for your senior loved one isn’t always easy, but the vast amount of personalized options available online with rush shipping options means that it’s never too late to create something they will always treasure. Here are some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for seniors in 2022.

6 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

1. Explore Your Family History With an Ancestry DNA Test Kit

An Ancestry DNA test kit is a great gift idea for senior citizens as it allows them the opportunity to learn all kinds of exciting information about their family history. By submitting a DNA sample, they can access a plethora of details about where ancestors came from and even connect with lost family members they haven’t spoken to in decades or have never even met.

From immigration and military records to family health history information that can provide clues about their possible genetic health risks, Ancestry can help fill in the gaps that your family has always wondered about.

2. Design a Cozy Blanket With a Personal Family Touch

Nothing makes a chilly winter night cozier like a soft blanket. Designing a custom blanket covered with your favorite family photos gives your elderly family member in a nursing home the chance to wrap up in special memories.

Collage lets you upload as many pictures as you want in various patterns to create a one-of-a-kind collage that captures your favorite images of family members, pets, and other timeless moments.

You can choose from fleece, Sherpa, and woven blankets in a variety of sizes to further customize your gift.

3. Use Shutterfly to Create Custom Photo Gifts

Shutterfly is another popular resource for creating custom gifts that showcase your loved one’s favorite photos. Shutterfly has one of the widest selections of photo gifts available, from mugs and puzzles to calendars and fully customizable photo books.

Chances are, you’ll be able to find several options for designing the perfect gift that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face, no matter what you want to put a photo (or a dozen photos!) on.

4. Fill a Digital Picture Frame With Your Favorite Family Photos

If you can’t narrow your favorite photos down, filling a memory card with hundreds or even thousands of digital pictures for a digital photo frame lets you create a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Digital picture frames are a practical gift for senior citizens as the images continually rotate through the photo library, keeping your favorite memories in one place.

5. Get a Shoutout From Their Favorite Celebrity With Cameo

Sometimes the best gifts are personal connections instead of things. Cameo gives you the unique opportunity to order custom video shoutouts from thousands of musicians, movie and tv show actors/actresses, athletes, and other influential celebrities.

Cameo’s vast catalog of members means that at least one of your person’s favorite celebrities is likely available to provide a personal message for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events.

6. Gift a Facebook Portal to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

Although several video chatting platforms have popped up over the years, holding a smartphone or similar device up for an extended time and seeing a small screen clearly can be challenging for some seniors.

Unlike FaceTime, Facebook Portal is a hands-free device with a large screen, wide-angle camera, and other features. All of these features make it easier and more convenient for older adults to use. Facebook Portal comes in four models, one of which can even be connected to a television.

By gifting a Facebook Portal device, it will be easier than ever for your senior family member to stay in touch with children, grandchildren, and other friends and family members this year, even if they live far away.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Seniors

At Nye Health Services, we know that finding creative and meaningful ways to stay connected to your loved one in a senior living community is more important than ever this year. Even if you cannot spend Christmas with your loved ones in person, choosing a personalized gift that captures some of their favorite memories can help your family feel a bit closer together.

Find out more about how we’re working to make this Christmas special for the members of our community or our other services that make us a top choice for Nebraska residents throughout the rest of the year!

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