Finally, after a long winter and a spring of wild weather swings, summer is here — and it’s glorious, warm and green.

If you’re a senior living community resident, your neighborhood most likely provides a plethora of opportunities to get more active enjoying the outdoors. But as we age, we have to be careful about overdoing it in the heat. So here are seven of the many great options to consider for summer activities.

1. Hit the Pool

When the going gets hot, there’s no better time to head to the pool to cool off. Whether you’re swimming, floating or just sipping a cool one in a deck chair, the water is always there for a quick dip. You can swim laps if you’re up for the exercise, and as soon as you stop you can cool off. If you have mobility issues, a pool is a great place because the body’s buoyancy in water takes pressure off the muscles and joints.

2. Have a Picnic or Barbecue

Picnics and barbecues have been part of your life and there’s no reason to avoid them now. Most senior living communities organize these events, which feature friends and classic American food.

3. Enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset

Here’s something that is difficult to do other times of year because of the cold. But the cooler temperatures during summer in the mornings and evenings are a plus. Most senior living communities have picturesque meeting spots for viewing the sun’s ascent or descent. Gather some friends and bring a picnic basket to complete the scene.

4. Do Some Gardening

Many people of all ages love gardening because it is such a creative endeavor. It creates beauty for our eyes and noses, and deepens our connection with nature. It has the added benefit for seniors of bringing us outside without requiring excessive physical exertion.

5. Take a Field Trip  

Only your imagination can limit where you go during the summer — whether it’s a zoo, botanical gardens, an outdoor art show, sporting event, outdoor concert or whatever. The great thing is, many senior living communities organize a host of these events, so all you have to do is hop on the bus.

6. Explore a Farmers Market

Most communities host farmers markets during the summer, at which those strolling through can find fresh fruits and vegetables, other foods and often arts and crafts as well. There’s often music and other performers, street food and a general celebration atmosphere surrounding the farm stands. Grab some friends and explore all there is to offer.

There are so many more ideas you could explore, like fishing, playing golf, bird watching and so much more. Summer offers so many outdoor options that don’t require over-exertion. Just make sure to bring the sunscreen, water and a hat to protect yourself outside.

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